It is Essential to Have Your Warranty Repairs Properly Documented

The best evidence in making a lemon law claim in California is the repair order and subsequent repair invoice provided to you by the dealership. When you take your car into the dealership for a warranty repair, make sure that your service advisor accurately records your complaints on the repair order and make sure that you do not leave the dealership without a copy of the repair order. Then, when you pick your vehicle up from the dealership after the repairs have been performed, make sure that the repair invoice actually states what was repaired on your vehicle. Do not sign the repair order until you have read it and you have made sure that what is written on the repair invoice actually matches with what your service advisor told you. Never leave the dealership without a final closed out copy of your repair invoice. Remember to keep all of your repair orders and invoices so that in the event you need a lemon law attorney, you have all of the evidence in your possession.