2010-2012 Ford Focus, Fusion, and Fiesta Transmission Problems

In the last few months, we have received a large number of calls from distressed drivers regarding 2010-2012 Ford Focus, Fusion, and Fiesta transmission problems. The problems stem mostly from the problem-plagued dual-clutch transmission and include rolling backwards on hills after coming to a stop, shuddering and vibration between gears, hesitation when shifting, clunking and chattering noises when shifting, slow response when accelerating, the feeling that the transmission is searching for the correct gear but cannot find it, and an rpm spike and drop when shifting.

When consumers bring their vehicles into Ford’s dealerships for repairs of these dangerous problems, they are being told that this is “a normal characteristic” of their vehicle and they need to get used to it. There are several technical service bulletins that Ford Motor Company has released to try to fix the problem, but it does not look like the problem can be repaired. Ford has attempted to solve the problem through a power control module reboot, however at least one Ford Focus driver complained that this made his problem worse. Another driver said his dealer has been consistently replacing solenoids in his Ford Focus to no avail.

If your Ford Focus, Fusion, or Fiesta is exhibiting these types of defects, you need to get to your Ford authorized dealership as soon as possible to see if they can find a fix. If you, like many of our clients, find that the fixes are ineffective, it’s time to look into your Lemon Law rights. If you are the unsatisfied owner of one of these Ford vehicles, please call us today toll free at (855) 59-LEMON, or (855) 595-3666 for a free case evaluation.

For more information regarding these Ford transmission defects, please see the attached blog from the New York Times.com –