Is Your New Ford Focus a Lemon Law Case Waiting to Happen?

Owners of 2011 – 2014 year models of the Ford Focus and Fiesta may be prime candidates for a Lemon Law case.

Like the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmissions) shudder problem with the Nissan Pathfinder, the 2012 through 2014 Ford Focus, along with the 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta, have a similar problem with their 6-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT)  that causes it to shudder, jerk, and slip out of gear.  This is the same problem as the Pathfinder, but with a different type of transmission. The Ford Focus also stalls and overheats, in addition to

  • rolling backwards after coming to a stop,
  • hesitating when shifting,
  • clunking and chattering when shifting,
  • responding slowly when accelerating,
  • feeling like the transmission is searching for the correct gear but cannot find it, and
  • the RPM spikes and drop when shifting.

In an effort to improve the performance of their PowerShift dual-clutch transmission in the 2011 Ford Fiesta and 2012 Ford Focus, Ford issued technical service bulletins to help dealers “enlighten consumers” about the nuances of their 6-speed automatic. This, of course, hardly solves the problem as it advises the consumer that the condition is “normal.”

Ford Motor Company has been dealing with thousands of individual Lemon Law cases and Class Actions suits relating to transmissions problems with some of their other models as well. In 2012, Ford was hit with a putative Ford Class Action suit over defects in the CVT Transmissions of the Freestyle and Mercury Montego. The class action lawsuit was brought on behalf all persons in the United States who purchased or leased any 2005 through 2007 Ford Freestyle or 2005 through 2010 Mercury Montego vehicles equipped with a CVT transmission. It was alleged that Ford had known the CVT transmission was defectively designed, assembled, and manufactured since 2005.

As of this post, there are 890 complaints and reviews about the Ford Focus on the Consumer Affairs website.

We have been receiving quite a few calls regarding the Ford Focus in regards to the California Lemon Law.  Below are just 2 of the 100s of Ford Focus and Fiesta cases we’ve recently settled with favorable results for our clients:

If your 2011-2016 Ford Focus or Fiesta is exhibiting these types of defects, you need to get to your Ford authorized dealership as soon as possible to see if they can repair the problem. If you, like many of our clients, find that the fixes are ineffective, it’s time to give us a call!

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Trivia: How did Ford’s Model T get the name “Tin Lizzie”?

Tin Lizzy, Ford Model T

The Model T set 1908 as the historic year that the automobile became popular for the mass market.

In the early days of the American automobile when roads were nothing more than dirt tracks that turned to mud in wet weather, vehicles scared horses and damaged roads by creating deep ruts. As more and more Ford Model T automobiles began occupying the roads, the disgruntled public began giving Henry Ford’s new automobile the nickname “Tin Lizzie” because “Liz” or “Lizzie” was a common name for a horse in early 20th century America.