The Top Seven Reasons NOT To Pursue a Lemon Law Claim Without A Lemon Law Attorney

1. The automobile manufacturer may work with you and they may even tell you that they are “buying your car back,” when it’s really a dealer assisted trade-in that does not give you all of the benefits of a lemon law repurchase.

2. If you do try to go through the Better Business Bureau’s Autoline Dispute Resolution Program, you may think that you are getting a fair and unbiased neutral person to hear your case. Unfortunately, it seems that the unbiased neutral mediators are actually paid for by the automobile manufacturers. We have had clients come to us for assistance after an unfair result at the BBB’s hearing and we have gotten them a much better result.

3. Sometimes, even though your vehicle clearly qualifies for a lemon law repurchase, the automobile manufacturer may deny your request and you will be told that your vehicle does not qualify for a repurchase. This has happened too many times to count. Most of these situations have resulted in a full repurchase for our clients.

4. Occasionally, an automobile manufacturer may agree to buy your vehicle back from you, but the terms of the buy back may not conform to the law. For example, under the law, you are entitled to your current year’s registration fee, all of your out of pocket rental car fees, and a mileage offset placed at the very first time you presented your vehicle for a repair of the defect for which it is being repurchased.

5. We have actually had cases where the automobile manufacturer told our client that they had to accept a vehicle replacement and the manufacturer refused to agree to a repurchase. We sued the automobile manufacturer and obtained a civil penalty for our client in one such case.

6. Even if your vehicle’s defects don’t meet the burden of proof for a repurchase, we can still possibly obtain a settlement of a few thousand dollars for you. The automobile manufacturers will never offer this unless you have an attorney and they have filed a lawsuit.

7. Our attorney’s fees and costs are 100% paid for by the automobile manufacturers so it will cost you nothing to hire our firm, and we are specialists in this field.


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