2015 to 2018 Jeep Cherokee Transmission Problems

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Are you having transmission system problems with your new 2015-2018 Jeep Cherokee? Have you taken it to the Jeep dealership four or more times for transmission system repairs? You are not alone and we can help you. Call us toll free at (855) 595-3666.

Announced at the 2013 New York International Auto Show, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee is only the third vehicle to use the compact US wide platform system used in the Dodge Dart. Chrysler has used the Dodge Dart’s transmission system on the Jeep Cherokee even though the 2013 and 2014 Dodge Darts were plagued with transmission system defects of their own.

Shift Happens. Or Maybe Not.

Ask the owner of a 2015-2018 Jeep Cherokee about the 9-speed transmission and they don’t care how complex the transmission is; they’re just tired of taking it in for the same repair over and over again. Or worse yet, getting their entire transmission system replaced multiple times.

Unfortunately, many consumers have found themselves in the position of having to take their Jeep Cherokee into the service department for transmission problems they should not be experiencing. Some consumers are being told that it is a software problem that only requires an update while some consumers are being told their transmission systems are operating “normally” for a 9-speed transmission system.

A quick check on the safecar.gov website brings up numerous consumer complaints about the 2013 – 2017 Jeep Cherokee involving:

  • hard shifts (if it shifts at all),
  • transmission shifts on its own, or slips,
  • complete failures in which the transmission shifts into neutral while driving,
  • lunging,
  • unexpected disengagement of the transmission,
  • repeated illumination of the Transmission Failure, Check Engine light that causes your dash to light up like a Christmas tree.

Interestingly enough, the complaints involving the transmission system problems with the Jeep Cherokee are similar to the ones we hear about in the Ford Focus and Fiesta.

Of the 230 plus complaints about the Jeep Cherokee reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than half involve the powertrain. However, since the powertrain complaints did not result in crashes, injuries or death, the NHTSA has not launched a formal investigation.

Not Sure if Your Jeep Cherokee Qualifies for a Lemon Lawsuit?

If your 2015-2018 Jeep Cherokee has been taken to an authorized dealership four or more times for transmission system defects that were repaired under the original manufacturer’s warranty, you may be entitled to relief under the lemon law.

Still not sure? Call us!

By reviewing your repair documents and talking to you about the problems you have been having with your Jeep, we will be able to tell you if your particular situation meets the criteria for a Lemon Law case.

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