Ford Dealers Offering to “Buy Back” the Fiesta and Focus

Has your Ford dealer contacted you about a special offer to "buy back" your Ford Focus or Fiesta because they need it? Most likely they’re not making this offer because they desperately need your Focus or Fiesta for their used car inventory. Chances are, Ford Motor Company has advised their Ford dealerships to "buy back" these cars in order keep them from becoming Lemon Law cases … [Read more...]

Can I Give My Lemon Car Back to the Dealer?

Do you remember how much you loved your new car when you first drove it home? Everything from the make and model, to all of the latest high-tech features it came equipped with, to the way you felt as you drove down the road. It made you smile! Now you find yourself returning to the dealership time and time again trying to get the same problem fixed. Whatever defect your car has, … [Read more...]