FCA Group: Fiat Chrysler, Dodge Lemon Law

Have you made repeated trips to your Fiat, Chrysler, or Dodge dealership for the EXACT same problem with your vehicle and the problem is never resolved? If so, you may be entitled to file a lemon law claim. The California Lemon Law, or the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, applies to three types of vehicles: New vehicles that are still covered by their original factory … [Read more...]

Is Your Fiat 500 a Lemon?

In its 2014 Reliability Survey, Consumer Reports named the Fiat 500 L the least reliable compact car and least reliable car overall. The Fiat 500L is currently the least reliable new car, with a predicted reliability score that is 219 percent worse than average. Looked at another way, the 500L has about 16 times the problem rate of the most reliable car... Consumer Reports In … [Read more...]